Sunday, April 24, 2011

Texas Library Association Conference

I recently went to the annual Texas Library Association Conference in Austin to pick up an award that Paige and I won for a video. Imagine my surprise when we not only won that, but I was also presented with the Texas Librarian of the Year award! What a shock and what a great honor. It's been a fantastic year for me and for my students. I could not be happier!


Anonymous said...

Dr. Loopy,

You & your class do such an amazing job! Congrats on the newest awards!! I was wondering if you could/would offer any advice on how to get started with wikis? I work in a technology challenged area, and am trying to move in the technology direction. Any suggestions?

M. Adams
Third Grade Teacher moving up to Fourth
skype & twitter: learningissweet

Doug said...

Write me at and I will help you with some ideas.