Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sing for your Supper

My little theatre group had an event the other night called "Sing for your Supper." My idea was to have the kids serve food and then get called on to sing a song and pass around a tip jar. All of the tips went to support our theatre program. The kids, grades 4-8, did a great job taking order, waiting on tables, and then going around and singing directly to the tables. We raised nearly $1000 for the night and all the kids got a great experience. One of our singers was voted outstanding performer of the evening for his rendition of "Eat It." Another girl won our award for high tips getting around $170 for her night's efforts. It was lots of fun and our little performing company showed once again they are capable of so much!

Paige and Jasper winners of the evening.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Fall. A time of change

This fall has been quite a time of change in many aspects of my life. I changed school districts and I now work in a school with a very different population and Karen also changed districts. During the summer we took a trip to New York and got a tour backstage of a lot of major musicals thanks to some of my former students. We went with Paige, one of my star students, and her mom. Lots of fun!

Karen at Lion King

Paige backstage at Wicked with Mme. Morrible and the Wizard

Paige with the Lion King

We also got Melissa Youth OnSTAGE into full swing. Our first show of the season was Into the Woods, jr. Our young actors did a great job with the difficult material. We also found out how hard (and how rewarding) running a non-profit group can be. Our next production is The Best Christmas Pageant Ever based on the Barbara Robinson book. I highly recommend it for a great holiday read aloud!