Sunday, June 28, 2009


My wife and I entered some of our work in the ISTE/NECC conference Digital Stories contest recently. The conference was in D.C. so we didn't get to attend. The finals of the contest were streamed from the conference live and we were thrilled to find out we were both finalists. The crowd that was at the conference voted live for their favorite and Karen's video "Living in a Digital World" won! We were especially happy since Karen had entered this in another competition and didn't even get selected for the finals! *interwrite/e-instruction* cough cough..Anyway, she wins an all expense paid trip to Denver for the national conference next year so our summer vacation is planned. I'm working on a video for the contest but that is a REAL long shot. Here are the videos if you would like to see them:

Monday, June 8, 2009

Glog Book Reviews and Safety Committee

I am working on a new Glog page with some more animated book reviews. I keep adding more elements to the videos and I think they are getting better:

I was on our campus safety learning community this year and at the end of the year we had to present what we did in our area. I put together this video to show what we accomplished: