Monday, January 2, 2012

I'm Really Roise

I know I have gotten away from library posts but like my title says, this blog is about things "of interest to me" and I am interested in many things. Let's see if I can't combine a couple this time. The next show we are doing is the musical "REALLY ROSIE" which is based on books and poems by Maurice Sendak. This is some of his work from very early on including THE SIGN ON ROSIE'S DOOR and ALLIGATORS ALL AROUND. They are part of his Nutshell library.I have done this show a couple of times in the past and it's a charming story about childhood imagination and kids just being kids. The story is drawn from actual kids Sendak knew as a child. The music is by Carole King and can be a bit challenging at times but I think our kids are ready for it. Auditions are coming up January 21st and they are going to have to prepare more things for this particular audition. I'm sure there will me a lot of nervous kids around Melissa very soon...Click HERE for a link to one of the last times I directed the show.