Thursday, July 28, 2011

Melissa Youth OnSTAGE Summer camp

Karen and I started a non-profit group so we could get Melissa Youth OnSTAGE going. With nothing more than an idea and the backing of parents we started. Wow! Our two camp sessions had 30 students each! So many we had to take on another instructor who also quit at our former elementary scool. We had two one-week sessions and had a full variety show at the end of each. All new material for each week! We also did a 4th of July show in the 103 degree Texas summer heat! The kids all performed admirably and the parents are great. I am so proud of this community for supporting something outside the box and I hope we can continue as we start our fall shows. This is a labor of love on our part and we are so proud to see young performers gain confidence and enjoy the company of those who have the same interests! Anything is possible with the hard work required...and believe me it is hard work! Here are a few pictures. If you want to see them perform, use my VIMEO page at the top links.