Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The BEST Christmas Pageant Ever!

What was I thinking? I'm sure people were asking that question. A cast of 42 kids, the oldest being an 8th grader, only 13 rehearsals, testing going on at school...Why? because it's important! The kids love it and I love it too, despite the backbreaking work to organize. Theatre is so rewarding and I have loved watching our kids and our group grow. They did an amazing job, from the tiniest baby angel to our 6th grade mom...amazing. Because we expected them to be amazing. We never told them it couldn't be done or that they just weren't ready. We just expected it and did it. They were consistant in each show and very, very funny! On the final night the legs got pulled off of the baby Jesus (If you know the book you understand how easily this could happen.) Well, one got left on the floor and one our baby sheep found it. See his reaction in this clip. Everyone wants their moment in the sun :)

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