Saturday, June 11, 2011

Parting is such sweet sorrow...

I am leaving my school of three years this fall and moving to another district. I will miss the kids, parents and teachers of the district an awful lot. They are why I stayed this year when I had an opportunity to leave early on. I owed them many things and didn't want to walk away from that. This has truly been both the best and worst of years for me. I have been planning this for some time and hoping in these tough economic times I would be able to make the move. Things have worked out very well thus far. We started our performing arts group this spring to make sure we maintained our connection with the kids. That will continue and I am very happy about that. The next thing on the agenda is the performing arts camp this summer. We had 60 kids sign up for our two sessions which I think is quite an accomplishment. This fall we will open our first season with "Into the Woods, jr." Change is always difficult but sometimes necessary and I look forward to a new life while hanging on to the best part of the old. If you need to contact me, my old school e-mail will not work. You can contact me at:

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