Sunday, September 12, 2010

Success breeds success...

Wow. After starting a daily news broadcast last year I wondered how this year was going to go. We only have K-4th at our school so the 4th graders are the leaders on campus and make up the News Crew. Last year I had 3 crews with 5 in each crew. They rotated weekly since they had to come in early each morning to tape the news. So anyway, we put out the audition notice this year. 66 applications came in. 66! There are only 110 kids in the grade level! So I have to decide through audition and application which kids to take. I'm no stranger to this but it's always difficult to make these decisions. I don't always make my decisions based on talent alone, sometimes I base them on need. Who would really benefit from this activity? Not only that but I also have to cast our musical this week. My wife and I are directing "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" with our intermediate school so some of our former students can continue performing. We have 30 kids signed up for that. We are going to try to give them all an opportunity. Success is great but it sure leads to hard decisions down the line. Wish me luck!


Ana Maria Menezes said...

Dear Doug,

I'm Ana Maria Menezes ( ), a Brazilian EFL teacher and an avid learner. I've fallen in love with the videos you have been producing with students. How can I learn to create those special effects you have used? Do you know of any online course for video editing?

Doctor Loopy's House of Fun said...

If you e-mail me at I will try and give you some details.