Thursday, July 1, 2010

White Water Rafting

Last year we went to Durango on vacation and has quite a time riding trains and going white water rafting. We were so brave. We went on a white water trip down the Animas river and took on class I and II rapids. We had this down and were ready to step up...

...or so we thought. It was fun but as you can see there was not a lot of "white water." Since we were in Colorado this summer once again, we decided to try another white water adventure. This time we went to Royal Gorge where they said there were class III and class IV rapids...

See the difference? We certainly did! When we put our raft in and went about 100 yards from shore we hit water rougher than the ENTIRE TRIP on our first try. It was fun but it really forces you to focus and work together. It would be a great team building excercise. Here is a little footage of us going down the River:


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