Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hot Dog Book Reviews

Every other week we have class checkout. During those weeks I select a "Hot Dog" from each class to help check out. They also get an extra book checkout and they review that book for our Glog. I video tape their review and then have them draw a picture to represent them. I animate the picture and they get to see the review online. Here is an example of one recently finished. I have many more on my Glog page.


Alexis Western said...
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Alexis Western said...

I loved your Hot Dog Book Review glog. Can you tell me how your students created their 'videos'?


Doctor Loopy's House of Fun said...

To create the videos I tape the students reading their reviews. I use the audio portion for the animated voice. I have the students draw a picture of their character and then we use a program called "Crazy Talk" to animate them. I use Vegas Video to edit everything together and Chroma Key the backgrounds. Most of the animation effect can be created just using Crazy Talk. Hope this helps.