Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hello World!

I am Dr. Loopy. I am an elementary school librarian in the state of Tejas. I have a great many interests that I hope to write about here but lately I have been doing a lot of video. Over the last four years I have put together a series called "Blinding you with Science." In it, my wife and I teach science concepts in an unusual and hopefully amusing way. Most of my work is up on Teachertube and I am posting it here as well. I think my work got better as I went along, but here is the first episode of BLINDING YOU WITH SCIENCE. (No, my dog was not injured in the making of this video.)

Blinding you with Science: #1 Density from Doug Valentine on Vimeo.

My second video was about the concept of Layers and Erosion. Remember, each video was produced ONE WEEK APART throughout the season. so there is that "rushed" feeling to them. I have to say that the kids loved them and requested to see them over and over. Not coincidentally, our science test scores rose over the last four years and we went from being a school with an "acceptable" rating to one with an "exemplary" rating.

Blinding you with Science: #2 Layers and Erosion from Doug Valentine on Vimeo.

Not all of our work has been in science. Since I am a librarian and my wife is a teacher we decided to create a video about collaboration and the problems that sometimes arise. I have been fortunate to have a great staff that buys in to what I do. I know this is not always the case. Here are a couple of clips from our Classroom Teacher/Librarian collaboration video.

Librarian and Classroom Teacher Collaboration from Doug Valentine on Vimeo.

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